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Interview with kissykiss25

Posted by Rahila on Monday, August 6, 2012,
Rahila: Hi I am going to be your interviewer today from the website we  are who we are. 
So first could you tell me a bit about your style? Like what clothes you like to wear, shoes, accessories etc,
Carly: Umm hehe c: I like crazy stuff like colorful xD I accessories with which ever outfit I pick (x
Rahila: That sounds interesting :) If I were to pick out a leopard print skinny jeans what shoes + top would you match with it and why?
Carly : I'd pick a pair of pack combat boots and a loose fitted...

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Our First Question!

Posted by ~Xenia on Monday, August 6, 2012,
Hey Guys!
We just got our first question today! It's by cuteRahila and she asked for a fashion tip. If you are curious what to wear with converse sneakers, check it out here.

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