Aeropostalegirl17: How Did You Feel When You Found Out You Won The FameGame?
McdonaldsFTW: I Was Very Happy When I Found Out I Won The FameGame. 
Aeropostalegirl17: How Would You Describe Your Style? 
McdonaldsFTW: I Asked My Friends And They Said It Would Be A (Winning Look) So I Used It, And I Like It Myself. 
Aeropostalegirl17: In 3 Words How Would You Describe Your Personality? 
McdonaldsFTW: Good, Kind, Happy 
Aeropostalegirl17:Great, So. Tell Us Where Are You From And A Little Bit About Yourself. 
McdonaldsFTW: Im From Manchester UK. And I Like Soccer , Tennis, and Running. 
Aeropostalegirl17:How Many Times Have You Won The FameGame? 
McdonaldsFTW: I Won The FameGame Once And Two Weeks Before I Came 2nd. 
Aeropostalegirl17: Wow, You Were Very Close! :) 
To Close Up The Interview Here Is A Random Questions, For Fun. 
If You Had To Have One Super Power What Would It Be? 
McdonaldsFTW: Go Invisible! 
Aeropostalegirl17: Cool! I Agree! This Is The End Of The Interview. Thanks For Letting Me Interview You! 
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McdonaldsFTW: Thanks!