Rahila: Hi I am going to be your interviewer today from the website we  are who we are. 
So first could you tell me a bit about your style? Like what clothes you like to wear, shoes, accessories etc,
Carly: Umm hehe c: I like crazy stuff like colorful xD I accessories with which ever outfit I pick (x
Rahila: That sounds interesting :) If I were to pick out a leopard print skinny jeans what shoes + top would you match with it and why?
Carly : I'd pick a pair of pack combat boots and a loose fitted black top.
Rahila: If you had $50 To spend on clothes what would you buy?
Carly: Umm probably some new pj's I need new ones xD 
Rahila: If you were going bowling with your mates what clothing would you where that is appropriate for bowling? 
Carly: Umm probably a pair of skinny jeans my converse( but I'd have to change into ugly bowling shoes-_-) and a v-neck top
Rahila: If you were to give 2 fashion tips to a young teen what would they be?
Carly: Okay.. Erhmmm o.o I'd say that they should just go any store they like and Iike pick clothes that make them happy
and that they could see themselves wearing. I like to express myself through my outfits 
and their like little pieces of me so they should do the same ^.^
Rahila: Thank you, that is the end of the interview.