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Our model - copycat?!

Posted by ~Xenia on Saturday, August 11, 2012,
CarlySaisRawr, one of our first models, copied our group? This is what WE said:
Hello Fellows WeeMee's,
I've decided to create a group. It's for people who seek their own style and want to be discovered & it's called We Are Who We Are™. Let me tell you a bit more about the group: We have MODELS and TEAM MEMBERS. Here's what we do:

*Team Members*
•Team members create outfits. You need to be unique, stylish and different to be one. Team members are sorted to *Leaders*, *Judges* and *The Paparaz...
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Interview with last week's FG winner - McDonaldsFTW!!

Posted by AeropostaleGirl17 on Saturday, August 11, 2012,
Aeropostalegirl17: How Did You Feel When You Found Out You Won The FameGame?
McdonaldsFTW: I Was Very Happy When I Found Out I Won The FameGame. 
Aeropostalegirl17: How Would You Describe Your Style? 
McdonaldsFTW: I Asked My Friends And They Said It Would Be A (Winning Look) So I Used It, And I Like It Myself. 
Aeropostalegirl17: In 3 Words How Would You Describe Your Personality? 
McdonaldsFTW: Good, Kind, Happy 
Aeropostalegirl17:Great, So. Tell Us Where Are You From And A Little Bit About Yours...

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Video - coming soon!

Posted by ~Xenia on Wednesday, August 8, 2012,
Hey Guys! There's a video coming soon and it will be EPIC. Don't worry, you don't have to apply - the whole crew will be in!
I got to go now, lots of other work to do :)
I am also working on a lyrics video, and I will post it here also! It's a little surprise, guys! Shhh...
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Partnership with WeeWorld Answers

Posted by ~Xenia on Tuesday, August 7, 2012,
Hello Everyone,
Xenia here! I didn't have time to post this yesterday, so I'm posting it now... We just got partnership with WeeWorld Answers! Check out their ad on our homepage! :)
They also got OUR ad on theirs so feel free to check it out!

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Interview with kissykiss25

Posted by Rahila on Monday, August 6, 2012,
Rahila: Hi I am going to be your interviewer today from the website we  are who we are. 
So first could you tell me a bit about your style? Like what clothes you like to wear, shoes, accessories etc,
Carly: Umm hehe c: I like crazy stuff like colorful xD I accessories with which ever outfit I pick (x
Rahila: That sounds interesting :) If I were to pick out a leopard print skinny jeans what shoes + top would you match with it and why?
Carly : I'd pick a pair of pack combat boots and a loose fitted...

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Our First Question!

Posted by ~Xenia on Monday, August 6, 2012,
Hey Guys!
We just got our first question today! It's by cuteRahila and she asked for a fashion tip. If you are curious what to wear with converse sneakers, check it out here.

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Let's start!

Posted by ~Xenia on Sunday, August 5, 2012,
Hey guys! Today we start our journey to the world of WeeMee fashion! 
We are happy to announce that this site is officially open!! :)
Have fun!
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