We Are Who We Are™ will help you express your style!

 Hello Fellows WeeMee's,

I've decided to create a group. It's for people who seek their own style and want to be discovered & it's called We Are Who We Are™. Let me tell you a bit more about the group: We have MODELS and TEAM MEMBERS. Here's what we do:

*Team Members*
•Team members create outfits. You need to be unique, stylish and different to be one. Team members are sorted to *Leaders*, *Judges* and *The Paparazzi (Journalists)* . First, let's talk about Leaders.

-Leaders make styles and they tell models what to wear for the photoshoot. They also edit the main sections of our website and our daily news (we're working with Journalists on this one). Leaders also participate in making contests. More on that theme in 'Judges'.

-The Paparazzi are the most interesting here, judging on my opinion. They go around and interview some stylish WeeMees NOT in the group (judges determine which ones) for fashion tips and leaders put them on our daily news. They also take part in making videos.

-The Judges, as I mentioned before, determine which people are the most stylish, so the Paparazzi could interview them. They also look for WeeMees to be in videos and they judge on contests.

Models are not sorted into categories and they only do one thing - model! They win awards, be in videos & official parties! They have to be cool, chill, stylish and fun! As I said before, models participate in contests. They design their own contest entries themselves, but on photoshoots Leaders tell them what to wear. Models take pictures of themselves and they send them to the Paparazzi. But it isn't that easy being a model - you must show us that you have style!

Now, the group rules:
•Do not ask to be in a special position just because you're my friend.
•If you're not a Leader, don't ask for the website pa$$word.
•Judges cannot pick contest winners just because they're their friends.

That's it for now... If you want to join ask me (TheOtherBella, or my other account xeniakurel41) and tell me in which category you want to be! :)
Keep on rockin',

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